Procedure: agenda for the lords of the articles

Firstly, it shall be understood and considered by the lords of the three estates that our sovereign lord is well intentioned and disposed to implementing justice throughout his realm and shall, God willing in time to come, with the advice of the lords of his council, attend diligently to this by setting and holding his justice ayres in all parts and otherwise as is fitting and shall be thought expedient and profitable.

Also, a remedy is to be provided to fix the great divide which is current and apparent in diverse parts of the realm, particularly in Angus between [James Stewart], earl of Buchan and [William Hay], earl of Erroll and their parties, and similarly between [David Lindsay], master of Crawford and [Alexander Lyon], lord Glamis and their parties, and equally the great disturbance current in Ross, Caithness and Sutherland.

Item, in Nithsdale and Annandale between [Robert Maxwell], lord Carlaverock and [William Douglas], laird of Drumlanrig.

Item, in Teviotdale between the Rutherfords and the Turnbulls.

Item, in Teviotdale between the sheriff['s] part of Teviotdale and his uncle's and the laird of Cranstoun.

Item, to advise in the matter of money, the goods of trade and sending [these] to the duke of Burgundy.

Item, that this parliament is to be dissolved now, except that the named persons, as said, shall have power until this coming Saturday with eight days to advise and conclude on the aforementioned matters.

Item, that the auditors of complaints shall have the same power and strength until the 20 March instant.

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  2. Charles Valois, duke of Burgundy, died in 1477 and his title was inherited by his daughter, Mary, duchess of Burgundy. However King Louis XI of France took possession of the duchy of Burgundy as a fief. Back