Charter: revocation of the annexation of Drumcoll and charter to John, lord Carlyle

James, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of all his land, clergy and laymen, greeting. Know that - being at our perfect age of 25 years, and with the authority of the three estates of our realm in our parliament held at Edinburgh, and begun there on 1 June 1478 - we have specially revoked the union and annexation howsoever made by us in our tender age, of the lands of Drumcoll, with their tenants and tenandries, with pertinents, lying within our sheriffdom of Dumfries, which lands came into our hands by reason of the forfeiture of the late Alexander Boyd of Drumcoll, knight, determining that the said annexation made in our aforesaid tender age have in future no strength, effect or vigour; and furthermore considering the faithful and free services long borne to our late progenitor and ourself by our dear cousin John [Carlyle], lord Carlyle, therefore - for those services, and in recompense to the same John for his very many expenses and great labours variously undertaken at personal risk on our behalf on business outwith our kingdom, at [the court of] our most excellent brother the king of France and elsewhere - we have given and granted heritably, and by the tenor of the present charter, being in the said perfect age and after our general and special revocations of all gifts made in our said tender age, now give, grant [and] confirm to the said John, lord Carlyle, with the authority of our said parliament, all of the said lands of Drumcoll, with their tenants and tenandries, which lands of Drumcoll, with pertinents, we have annexed, incorporated and by the tenor of the present charter unify, incorporate and annex to the barony of Carlyle perpetually. Having and holding all of the aforesaid lands of Drumcoll, with tenants and tenandries, with pertinents, annexed to the barony of Carlyle as aforesaid, to the said John, lord Carlyle and his heirs, of us and our heirs and successors in fee and heritage perpetually, according to all their right, ancient and devised marches, as they lie in length and breadth, in woods, plains, muirs, marshes, roads, paths, waters, ponds, streams, meadows, grazings and pastures, mills, multures and their sequels, hawking, hunting, fishing, peat-muirs, turbaries, coal-mines, quarries etc., forests, woodlands, doves, dovecots, rabbits, warrens, gardens, orchards, with courts and their issues, heriots, blood-wits and merchets of women; and with all and sundry other liberties, profits and easements and just pertinents whatsoever, whether not named or named, belonging, or in future coming justly to belong, to the said lands, with tenants and tenandries, with pertinents, freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honourably, well and in peace, without any contradiction in future. Rendering thence the said John and his heirs for the lands of Drumcoll with tenants and tenandries, and for all the barony of Carlyle, with pertinents, a suit in the sheriff court of Dumfries, at Dumfries, at the capital pleas held after the feast of St Michael [29 September], and the other usual and customary services, to us and our successors. And we and our successors warrant, acquit and defend against all men the said lands of Drumcoll, with their tenants and tenandries, to the said John, lord Carlyle and his heirs, and that freely in fee and heritage, in the form and effect as beforewritten. In witness whereof we have ordered our great seal to be appended to the present charter. Witnesses: the reverend fathers in Christ John [Laing], bishop of Glasgow; William [Tulloch], bishop of Moray, keeper of our privy seal; Thomas [Spens], bishop of Aberdeen; our dear cousins Andrew [Stewart], lord Avondale, our chancellor; Colin [Campbell], earl of Argyll, lord Campbell and Lorne, master of our household; David [Lindsay], earl of Crawford, lord Lindsay; James [Hamilton], lord Hamilton; John Colquhoun of that Ilk, knight; Masters Archibald Whitelaw, archdeacon of Lothian, our secretary, and Alexander Inglis, dean of Dunkeld, our clerk of the rolls and register. At Edinburgh, 12 June 1478, and in the eighteenth year of our reign.

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