Additional Source

6 August 1477

It is argued in Tanner, Late Medieval Scottish Parliament, 214-15, that evidence from the Malcolm MS indicates a parliament on 6 August 1477. The Malcolm MS, a mid sixteenth-century source which is often incomplete and abbreviates many acts, places most of the legislation of June 1478 at this date (see 1478/6/79-90, but omitting 1478/6/81 and 1478/6/90). A privy seal letter of 6 September 1477, countersigned by William Scheves, archbishop of St Andrews, appears to confirm and implement act 1478/6/80, therefore indicating that this act was made in 1477, not 1478. Although there is not conclusive proof, it may be that the acts of August 1477 and June 1478 were merged in the official register.

  1. Malcolm MS (NLS, Adv. MS 7.1.9), f.188v. See also Balfour, Practicks, i, 75. Back