26 February 1472

Charter: to William, lord Monypenny following a resignation by James, lord Hamilton

Lord Monypenny's charter concerning the lands of Kirkandrews conferred from Lord Hamilton, etc.

James, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of all his land, clergy and laymen, greeting. Know that we, with the consent and assent of the three estates of our realm, have given, granted and by this present charter have confirmed to our dear cousin William [Monypenny], lord Monypenny - for his free service, labours and expenses hitherto spent and made on behalf of to us and our progenitors, and to be made in future - the lands of Kirkandrews with pertinents, lying in our stewartry of Kirkcudbright, which lands with pertinents were held heritably by our dear cousin, James [Hamilton], lord Hamilton, and which the same James - not through force nor threat nor mistake, but of his pure and spontaneous will - resigned personally by staff and baton into our hands, in our presence, at Edinburgh, and quitclaimed in perpetuity, for him and his heirs, all right and claim in his said lands of Kirkandrews that he had or may have, in exchange for 40 merks of our lands in the lordship of Bothwell, with pertinents, namely the lands of Easter Blairmuck, Wester Blairmuck, Muirhead, Hearst, Fortissat, Starryshaw, Goodockhill, Duntealing, Wester Brockhall, Swinstie, Gartness with common forest, 'le Park Schawis' with their three acres, Parkhill with meadow, and the hauch of Bothwell, with pertinents, lying within the sheriffdom of Lanark; which 40 merks of the lands of Bothwell, with pertinents, we have granted heritably to the said James, lord Hamilton, after his resignation of his said lands of Kirkandrews. Having and holding the said lands of Kirkandrews with pertinents to the said William, lord Monypenny and his heirs, of us, our heirs and successors, in fee and heritage perpetually, by all their proper ancient boundaries and divisions, just as lie in longitude and latitude, in woods, plains, muirs, marshes, roads, paths, waters, ponds, streams, meadows, grazings and pastures, mills, multures and their sequels; hawking, hunting and fishing, peat-muirs, turbaries, coal-mines, quarries, stone and lime, smithies, maltings, heaths and broomlands, with courts and their issues, heriots, blood-wits and merchets of women, and with all and sundry other liberties, profits and easements and their just appurtenances whatsoever, whether beneath the ground or above it, whether far away or near, whether or not named as belonging to the said lands of Kirkandrews with pertinents, or in future, in any manner coming justly to belong to them; and that much freely, tranquilly, fully, wholly, honourably, well and at peace in all things and in all respects, just as the said William, lord Monypenny held or possessed the half of his lands of Kirkandrews, given by us to him heritably before the present grant. The said William and his heirs to render annually to us, our heirs and successors, due and customary suit and service for the said lands. In witness whereof we have ordered that our great seal be set to the present charter. Witnesses as in the charter of Peter Mercer. At Edinburgh, 26 February 1471 [1472], and the twelfth year of our reign.

  1. NAS, Register of the Great Seal, C2/7/1/137, ff.61r-v. Back
  2. This refers to NAS, Register of the Great Seal, C2/7/1/133, f.60r, a charter to Peter Mersar dated 24 February 1471/2 (printed RMS, ii, no. 1052). The witness list given in this charter is as follows: Thomas [Spens], bishop of Aberdeen, William [Tulloch], bishop of Orkney, keeper of the privy seal, Andrew [Stewart], lord Avondale, chancellor, Colin [Campbell], earl of Argyll, lord Lorne, master of the king's household, David [Lindsay], earl of Crawford, lord Lindsay, Sir John Colquhoun of that ilk, Mr David Guthrie of that Ilk, clerk of the rolls and register, Archibald Whitelaw, archdeacon of Lothian, secretary, John Laing, parson ['rectore'] of 'Suthek', treasurer. Back