Parliamentary Register

2 August 1471

Procedure: preamble and sederunt

Parliament begun at Edinburgh on 6 May and continued until 2 August 1471 and held in the said burgh by these undernoted prelates, barons and commissioners, namely the reverend fathers [Andrew Durisdeer], bishop of Glasgow, [Thomas Spens], bishop of Aberdeen, [William Tulloch], bishop of Orkney, [Archibald Crawford], abbot of Holyroodhouse, [Robert Blackadder], abbot of Melrose, [John Woodman], abbot of Jedburgh, [Patrick Mador], abbot of Newbattle, [Andrew Stewart], lord Avondale, chancellor, [Malise Graham], earl of Menteith, [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford, [Colin Campbell], earl of Argyll, [James Hamilton], lord Hamilton, [George Seton], lord Seton, [William Borthwick], lord Borthwick, [Robert Somerville], lord Somerville, [Patrick Lyon], lord Glamis, [Robert Lyle], lord Lyle, [John Lindsay], lord Lindsay [of the Byres], [William Knollis], preceptor of Torphichen, William of Edmonstone, [John Drummond of] Stobhall, Restalrig, Dundas, Sir Alexander Napier, [Archibald Whitelaw], secretary, official of Lothian, [Gilbert Rerik], archdeacon of Glasgow, [David Guthrie of that Ilk], clerk register, William Bonar, Andrew Alanson, James Ogilvy, Alexander Foulis, Matthew Forrester, Walter Young, Andrew Charteris, Archibald Hepburn.

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