1468, 12 January, Stirling, Parliament

Parliamentary Register

12 January 1468

Committee members: delegated to hold continuation of parliament

In our sovereign lord's parliament held at Stirling on 12 January 1467 [1468] and continued earlier from Edinburgh to the said day, with continuation of days, and power committed by the whole of the three estates to certain persons noted below, to advise, debate and conclude upon the matters following, which persons having been called and compeared, and these are their names: [Patrick Graham], bishop of St Andrews by his procurators [Archibald Crawford], abbot of Holyroodhouse and James Scrimgeour, [Andrew Durisdeer], bishop of Glasgow, [Thomas Spens], bishop of Aberdeen personally, the abbots of Holyroodhouse, [Richard Bothwell, abbot of] Dunfermline, [Henry Abercrombie, abbot of] Cambuskenneth, [George Murray, abbot of] Inchaffray, [David Ramsay], prior of St Andrews, [?James Lindsay], privy seal, [Archibald Whitelaw], secretary, Master John Otterburn, Master Martin Wan, Master Gilbert Rerik, [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford, [Colin Campbell], earl of Argyll, [Thomas Boyd], earl of Arran, [Malise Graham], earl of Menteith, [George Leslie], earl of Rothes, the lords of parliament [Andrew Stewart], lord Avondale, chancellor, [Thomas Erskine, lord] Erskine, [?Patrick Graham, lord] Graham, [Alexander Montgomery, lord] Montgomery, [Robert Lyle, lord] Lyle, [Robert Boyd, lord] Boyd, [George Seton, lord] Seton, [James Hamilton, lord] Hamilton, [William Forbes, lord] Forbes, [John Colquhoun], lord of Luss, [William Knollis], preceptor of Torphichen, [David Guthrie of that Ilk], comptroller, [Sir Robert Crichton, lord of] Sanquhar, [George Campbell of Loudoun], sheriff of Ayr, [John Sandilands of] Calder, [David Ogilvy, lord of] Inchmartine, James Scrimgeour, Walter Ogilvy, Thomas Thomson; for the burgh commissioners: for Edinburgh, Thomas Fokert, John of Fauside; for Linlithgow, John Kerr, Henry Cavelin; for Stirling, Richard Muir and Alexander Muscat; for Haddington, William Haliburton, William Clerk; for Lanark, William Bertram; for Perth, Andrew Charteris, Alexander Bunsch; for Dundee, George Aberchirder, David Aberchirder.

Absent: [David Stewart], bishop of Moray, [Richard Bothwell], abbot of Dunfermline, [William Keith], earl Marischal, [William Borthwick], lord Borthwick, [Patrick Hepburn], lord Hailes, [Sir John Maxwell], lord of Calderwood, [John Somerville], lord Somerville, [Alexander Lyon], lord Glamis.

  1. NAS, PA2/1, f.51r. Back
  2. Deleted - '[John Ramsay], abbot of Lindores'. Back
  3. Thomas Spens took office as keeper of the privy seal in late 1468. The fact that he is mentioned earlier in the sederunt suggests that James Lindsay was still in office when this parliament was held. Back
  4. Possibly his son and heir, William Graham. Back
  5. Note: second mention. Back