Letters: under the great seal concerning the appointment of Robert, lord Boyd, as governor of the king

James, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all his good men to whom these present letters shall come, greeting. Whereas in our last parliament held at Edinburgh we declared our intention, in presence of the three estates of our realm, that it pleased us most greatly for our cousin Robert [Boyd], lord Boyd, to have the governorship and direction of our person and our brothers, and our castles, as one of our intimate councillors, in our royal authority and execution of justice, until our legal age of 21 years; therefore, with the consent and deliberation of certain lords of our council, we constitute and ordain the said Robert, lord Boyd, our cousin, governor of our person, and our brothers, and our castles, until our aforesaid age; and constitute and ordain as aforesaid by the presents. More strictly forbidding anyone to presume in any measure to contravene our present ordinance, under every penalty which may be liable against our royal majesty in that regard. Given under our great seal at Stirling, 25 October 1466, and in the seventh year of our reign.

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