Parliamentary Records

12 January 1464

Judicial proceeding: act of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

James, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all his good men to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. Know that we have understood a certain act or decreet given and promulgated by the lords auditors of causes and complaints chosen by our three estates of the realm in our parliament at Edinburgh on the year, day and month written below under this [form]. At Edinburgh on 12 January 1463 [1464] in the parliament of our most excellent prince and supreme lord the lord James III, illustrious king of Scots, held in the same place by the lords [auditors of causes] and complaints chosen, namely the noble and mighty lords Sir Andrew [Stewart], lord Avondale, chancellor of Scotland, the venerable fathers in Christ and lords abbots of the monasteries of [... ... ... and] [Patrick Mador, abbot of] Newbattle, the noble lords William [Keith], Thomas [Erskine], lord Erskine, John [Stewart], lord Darnley, Robert [Fleming], lord Fleming, William [Abernethy], lord Abernethy in Rothiemay, Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood, Sir George Campbell of Loudoun, Sir John Colquhoun of that Ilk, knights, Patrick Cockburn of Newbigging [...], Mr George Abernethy, Lancelot Abernethy and Thomas Thomson in the cause moved by the venerable father in Christ [?John Crambe] and the convent of the same against [ ... David Cumming of Culty for] the destruction of [... various boundaries] and markers between the lands of Blair and Banchry [?Banchory] and the lands of Culty, the abovesaid David lawfully summoned and not compearing [... ... ...] seen and fully understood, it was delivered and decreed in this way:

The lords deliver and decree that forasmuch as there passed a perambulation of the said lands [...] and marks were set between the marches and divisions of the same by the assise of the said [?perambulation] and by special charge of our [?sovereign] lord's letters [... ... ...] and put away by the said David [... ... ...] said David shall himself set up [the] said marks and divisions at his own cost [... ... ...] set by the assise of the said perambulation, and also [that] is the said David has disobeyed our sovereign lord's letters and [...] David and charge [him to enter himself] in our sovereign lord's ward in Edinburgh Castle [within six] days after the sight of our sovereign lord's letter, there [to remain] at the will of [the king].

Which very act of decreet [and] all and singular therein contain in all its points and articles [we confirm/ratify]. Wherefore we strictly command and order the sheriff [...] of Perth that [he implement] the said act and decreet according to the form and tenor [of the same] under all pain which may be appropriate in that part. Given under testimony of our great seal at Edinburgh on 13 January in the fourth year of our reign [1464].

  1. NAS, RH6/376. Back
  2. Alleged to have been abbot in 1465, but sources 1458-1478 perhaps untrustworthy (see HRHS, 201). Back