James I: Translation

1406, ?June, Perth, General Council

Additional Source

?June 1406

Non-parliamentary record: extract from the burgh records of Aberdeen

5 July 1406, the following entry is recorded in the burgh records of Aberdeen: 'The head court which was meant to have been held on the first Monday after the Sunday which is called Low Sunday of the year of this book [19 April 1406] was deferred to 5 July of the same year, because in the mean time a certain general council was held at Perth, where it was necessary, among the other things determined there, to see how courts ought to be established in the kingdom after the death of the most noble prince Lord Robert [III], illustrious king of Scotland. On which day the court established, on the part of Lord Robert [Stewart, 1st] duke of Albany, general governor of the kingdom of Scotland, the provost and bailies of the burgh of Aberdeen, etc., the suits called and absences patent in the rolls.' Andrew Wyntoun dates the assembly to June, and gives a fuller account of proceedings (Chron. Wyntoun, vi, 416-7).

  1. A June date is suggested as the Aberdeen court mentioned in 1406/1 will have been deferred to shortly after the end of the general council. See also 1417/1 and 1417/2, where a scribal discrepancy over the year of Albany's governorship at the June 1417 general council suggests the year had recently changed. This error would be consistent with Albany dating his governorship from the June 1406 general council. Back
  2. Early Records of the Burgh of Aberdeen, 1317, 1398-1407, ed. W. Croft Dickinson (SHS, 1957), 220. Back
  3. The first Sunday after Easter; 18 April in 1406. Back