James I: Manuscript

1406, ?June, Perth, General Council

Additional Source

[?June 1406]

Non-parliamentary record: extract from the burgh records of Aberdeen

5 July 1406, the following entry is recorded in the burgh records of Aberdeen: 'Curia capitalis que debebat teneri die Lune proxime post Dominicam qua cantatur Quasimodo geniti de anno huius libri differebatur ad quintam diem mensis Julii de predicto anno, eo quod medio tempore fuit quoddam consilium generale tentum apud Perth, ubi oportebat, inter cetera ibidem determinanda, videri quomodo curie debebant infra regnum affirmari post mortem nobilissimi principis domini Roberti, illustris regis Scotie. Quo die curia affirmata ex parte domini Roberti, ducis Albanie, generalis gubernatoris regni Scotie, prepositi et ballivorum burgi de Abirdene etc., sectis vocatis, absentes patent in rotulis.' Andrew Wyntoun dates the assembly to June, and gives a fuller account of proceedings (Chron. Wyntoun, vi, 416-7).

  1. A June date is suggested as the Aberdeen court mentioned in 1406/1 will have been deferred to shortly after the end of the general council. See also 1417/1 and 1417/2, where a scribal discrepancy over the year of Albany's governorship at the June 1417 general council suggests the year had recently changed. This error would be consistent with Albany dating his governorship from the June 1406 general council. Back
  2. Early Records of the Burgh of Aberdeen, 1317, 1398-1407, ed. W. Croft Dickinson (SHS, 1957), 220. Back