Act for encouragement of tillage and pasturage

Our sovereign lord, considering how necessary it is for the encouragement of the tillage of this country, which is subject to so much toil and expense, though the improvement thereof be most advantageous to the whole kingdom, that liberty is granted for the exportation of corn, after the natives are sufficiently provided for; therefore the king's majesty, with advice and consent of his estates in parliament, statutes and declares that it shall be lawful to export corn of all sorts, when they are under the prices following, at the ports or respective places of exportation, namely, each boll of wheat under £12 the boll, bear and barley under £8 the boll, oats and peas under 8 merks the boll, notwithstanding of any former acts, laws or practice to the contrary, they paying the usual custom and bullion as formerly, with this provision: that when the lords of his majesty's secret council shall judge it necessary, for the good of the kingdom and preventing of dearth, they may discharge the exportation of victual of all sorts for so long time as they shall think fit. As also, for improvement of the pasturage of this kingdom and for encouragement of the breeders of the bestial thereof, it is statute and ordained, with advice and consent foresaid, that the exportation by sea of all sorts of bestial, either nolt, sheep or swine and barrelled butcher-meat of all sorts, shall be free of custom, bullion and all other impositions for the space of nineteen years next after the date hereof.

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