Act concerning the imposition laid on English commodities

Forasmuch as the king his majesty, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, by their act of the date of this act has statute and ordained that certain impositions are to be levied, exacted and collected upon all sorts of commodities imported into this kingdom from England, and upon all the growth and manufactory of the kingdom though imported from any other place, and that over and above all impositions put upon the same already, and in respect it is not the intention of the parliament to infringe or break those articles for trade agreed upon by commissioners for both kingdoms in the beginning of the reign of King James VI, of blessed memory, or on their parts to weaken in the least the good correspondence amongst his majesty's subjects; therefore his majesty, with advice and consent of his said estates of parliament, gives full power and warrant to the lords of his privy council to abate or wholly take off these impositions laid by the foresaid act upon the English commodities accordingly as they shall be commanded by his majesty, after that the trade and commerce shall be restored to the condition it was in during the reign of he majesty's father and grandfather, of blessed memory.

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