[Sentence of forfeiture]

Edinburgh, 25 August 1662

The estates of parliament having read and considered the indictment given in by Sir John Fletcher, his majesty's advocate, against Archibald Campbell, son to the late [Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll, with the acts of parliament whereupon the same is founded, and letter written by the said Archibald Campbell to [Alexander Sutherland], lord Duffus, which is the ground of the said indictment; and which, being shown to the said Archibald, he did judicially acknowledge the same to be his letter and all written with his own hand. And having also considered the Lord Duffus' deposition concerning the same, together with the paper given in by the said Archibald Campbell under the title of petition and submission, with his own declaration at the bar that he would make use of no further defence for himself besides what was contained in that paper, do find the said indictment relevant and proven, and that the said Archibald Campbell has made ill information of his majesty and slandered and belied his majesty in his respect and affection to his parliament; and that he has depraved, misconstrued and belied the proceedings of his majesty's parliament, and has made lies to the engendering (so far as in him lay) dislike and discord between the king and his parliament and people, as is more fully expressed in the said indictment. And that thereby he has (notwithstanding of the paper aforesaid given in by him or anything therein contained) incurred and does incur the pains of loss of life and goods contained in the acts of parliament mentioned in the said indictment. And therefore the estates of parliament do ordain the said pains to be executed upon him by severing of his head from his body and that all his goods and gear be escheat and confiscated to his majesty's use; but does leave and remit to his majesty's commissioner the appointing of the time and place of the execution of this sentence and ordain that during any reprieve the said Archibald Campbell shall have, or until the sentence shall be executed upon him, or during his natural life, his person will be kept in sure imprisonment in the castle of Edinburgh or Dumbarton.

25 August 1662

This sentence and decreet voted, read, approved and pronounced in the presence of Archibald Campbell, who received it on his knee.

[William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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