Ratification in favour of Charles [Stewart], duke of Lennox

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament of this kingdom, has ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratifies and approves the gift, right and infeftment made, given and granted by his majesty's late dearest grandfather, of ever blessed memory, to his highness's dearest cousin the late Ludovic [Stewart], duke of Lennox etc., and to his heirs male and assignees whatsoever, of all and whole the offices of great admiral of his highness's kingdom of Scotland, and of all the isles and bounds thereof whatsoever, with the office of lieutenancy upon the seas and colonelship and justice general and of the office of judicatory criminal and civil, with all the privileges, dignities, immunities and casualties of the same, at length particularly set down in the said right and infeftment of the date at [...] the [...] day of [...] 16[...] years, together with all other gifts, infeftments and rights made and granted by his majesty or any of his highness's predecessors, to Charles, now duke of Lennox, or to the said late Ludovic, duke of Lennox, his predecessor, or to any others his predecessors or authors, of and concerning the foresaid admiralty of this kingdom and isles thereof, or any of the offices above-written, with all privileges, dignities, immunities and casualties whatsoever pertaining and belonging thereto, of whatsoever date or dates, tenor or contents the same be of, in the whole heads, articles and clauses thereof; declaring hereby this present general ratification to be as valid, effectual and sufficient as if every particular gift, infeftment and right were specially condescended upon and word by word inserted herein; with the which and with all other defects and imperfections whatsoever that may be in any way objected against the foresaid gifts, infeftments and rights particular and general foresaid, or against this present ratification thereof, our said sovereign lord has dispensed and, by this act, with consent foresaid, dispenses for now and ever; and statutes and ordains that the said Charles, now duke of Lennox and Richmond, his heirs and successors, shall bruik, enjoy and possess the foresaid offices of great admiral, lieutenancy upon the seas, colonelship and justice general within the bounds above-written, with all privileges, dignities, immunities and casualties whatsoever belonging thereto, without any trouble, impediment or interruption whatsoever, conforming to his gifts, infeftments and rights thereof.

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