Act in favour of those who were absent and took the benefit of the act anent debtor and creditor at London

Forasmuch as in the act passed in this parliament for ordering the payment of debts between creditor and debtor a time was appointed in which all who desired the benefit of that act were, in the presence of one of the lords of session, to make faith that their debts exceeded four years' rent, and there being diverse noblemen and others in England for the time, whose occasions could not allow them to come in the time appointed by that act, yet to testify their desires to have the benefit did, in the presence of [Alexander Falconer], lord [Falconer of] Halkerton, [Sir Archibald Primrose of Carrington], lord register, and [Sir Robert Moray], justice clerk, three of the lords of session or some of them, make faith conforming to the act of parliament, and the king's majesty being unwilling that, by their absence out of the kingdom they should forfeit the benefit of that act of parliament; does therefore, with advice and consent of his estates in parliament, appoint the lord register to accept their oaths at London as if they had given them here, and to record the same and give their warrants for their security conforming to the act of parliament.

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