Act for keeping the registers of session in the parliament house

The estates of parliament, considering how useful it was and for the ease of subjects that the public registers wherein they may be concerned, namely the registers of the session and the warrants thereof, the registers of the hornings, sasines, notories' protocols and other registers of that kind, concerning the private interest and securities of subjects, is kept in some convenient place near the seat of justice where speedy and easy access may be had to them, have therefore thought fit that the rooms below the inner session house will be most commodious for that purpose, and therefore recommends to the provost and bailies of Edinburgh to cause prepare and order these two rooms, with necessary accommodations, for keeping of these registers and the warrants thereof. Likewise, the king's majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, does hereby ordain and require Sir Archibald Primrose [of Carrington], clerk of register, to cause convey all the registers of the session and warrants thereof, all the registers of hornings, sasines, notaries' protocols and all other registers concerning the securities and interests of the subject which are yet extant and are in his keeping, or can be had by him wherever they be at present, to be kept in these two laigh rooms under the inner session house, and that none of the registers be hereafter kept in the castle, save only the registers of parliament, great seal and such public warrants as may concern his majesty in the interest of his crown or the public government of the kingdom, for which these shall be to the clerk register and all others having interest their sufficient warrant.

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