[Report by the commissioners for bills and trade concerning the burgh of Crail and Robert Alison]

There being a petition presented to us by James Moncrieff, commissioner for the burgh of Crail, on behalf of the council and community thereof, holding forth that Robert Alison, mason and burgess of Edinburgh, being employed by the English for extracting and cutting of some stones out of the quarry of Balcomie in Fife for building the citadel of Perth, who with his under-servants having lodged in a corner of the said town, it happened that some troopers then in arms for his majesty's service in the hills coming along to fall upon the house where they did lodge, and knowing their employment for the English service took away £31 pounds sterling; whereupon the said Robert Alison, making address to the English upon erroneous information, obtained an ordinance against the said town for payment to him of the said sum, albeit it was known the same town had no accession thereto; of the which sum, the bailies of the said burgh were necessitated to make payment and were detained prisoners at Falkland until the payment thereof by the English usurpers; whereby the said burgh and by other sad burdens is reduced to a sad condition; and therefore humbly prayed citation might be granted against the said Robert, which being done and he compearing and giving in several frivolous defences which, with the answers made thereto and several letters and orders of the English directed upon the demands of the said Robert Alison, being all seen and considered by us, the said commissioners for bills; and also having heard both parties verbally, it is our humble opinion that the said Robert Alison, in respect of the premises and that he acknowledged he got the money back again from the English who quartered on the said burgh and kept the magistrates thereof at Falkland prisoners until it was paid, ought and should be decreed to repay the said principal sum and annualrents thereof to the said burgh since the time of the payment of the same and during the non-payment thereof.

22 March 1661

Approves the report for principal and annualrents and ordains decreet to be extracted hereupon.

[William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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