[Letter from the king]

Charles Rex,

Right trusty and well-beloved cousin, we greet you well. Being informed of the great sufferings and losses sustained by our right trusty and well-beloved cousins, [John Drummond], earl of Perth and [James Drummond], lord Drummond, his son, for their loyalty and affection to our service and to our royal father, by a long imprisonment of the Lord Drummond's person, spoilation of their goods and devastation of their estate, and payment of very large fines upon several occasions, we are therefore resolved to see their losses and sufferings in some measure repaired, and that an effectual course may be taken therein. It is our will and pleasure that you endeavour that a committee of our parliament be named to try the said losses, with power to convene before them all persons of whom complaint shall be made, as chief actors or any way abettors of the injuries done to our said right trusty and well-beloved cousins, and to report the value of their losses, and who have been guilty of committing the same; and thereafter that you proceed and endeavour to take the most effectual course that may be agreeable to justice and equity for reparation of their losses and sufferings, for their affection to our royal father, his service and authority. Expecting your care and diligence herein, which we shall take as acceptable service done to us. We bid you heartily farewell. Given at our court at Whitehall, 2 January 1660/1, and of our reign the 12th year.

By his majesty's command, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale

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