[Oaths taken; justice deputies admitted]

The rolls called.

Mr George MacKenzie and Mr John Cunningham, having in the presence of the parliament given the oath of allegiance and of faithful administration, were admitted justice deputes. And Mr Alexander Colville [of Blair] and they ordained to go once a week at least to Musselburgh and Dalkeith, and to try and judge such persons as are there or thereabouts accused of witchcraft.

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[Patent approved; report read; decreet granted]

A patent produced making [William Cunningham], earl of Glencairn during his lifetime sheriff of Ayr and bailie of [Kyle Stewart] read and approved.

The report of [James Johnston], earl of Annandale's losses read and approved, and appointed to be recorded and recommended to his majesty.

Decreet for non-compearance given at the instance of [Sir William Baillie of] Lamington against [Henry] Whalley.

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[Act approved; commissions granted]

Act in favour of Mr John Ross against Mr John Young.

Commission in favour of [Archibald Napier], lord [Napier] and [Elizabeth Erskine], lady Napier for apprehending of [young Robert Buchanan and John Campbell in Torrie].

Commission to Morgan to quarter upon such as are deficient of their cess upon receipt of the roll thereof from the collectors.

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[Vacant stipends; act approved; letters of horning granted]

£100 sterling modified to Barbara Gledstanes.

£200 sterling modified to Mr William Colvin to be paid out of the vacant stipends.

Letters of horning for Mr Martin MacPherson against the captain of the Clanranald, and £150 sterling to be paid to him out of the vacant stipends.

Mr William Home, minister at Ayton, ordained to be repossessed and 2,400 merks ordained to be paid to him by Mr John Wilkie.

Act discharging any to go to Ireland without a testimonial from the sheriff of the bounds.

Letters of horning directed at the instance of [Robert] Home of Kimmerghame.

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[Decreets granted; continuation]

Decreet at the instance of Mungo Murray, pursuivant, against [Donald] Miller for £100 sterling.

Decreet at the instance of John Livingstone against [John] Charters of Barncleuch.

The parliament continued until Friday at 2 o'clock.

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