[Commission granted; vacant stipends]

The rolls called.

Commission passed for visiting the colleges and university of St Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The parliament desired and enacted that in all commissions passed in this present parliament, whereof the commissioner had the nomination of the persons' names, that he himself be named as supernumerary.

Warrant passed for £2,000 to Mr Andrew Collace, minister at Dundee, in regard of his sufferings to be paid out of vacant stipends.

Mr William Barclay appointed to have the vacant stipends of the parish of Leuchars since Mr Patrick Scougall's removal from there until this day.

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[Acts approved; report considered]

Act passed concerning freeholders who should voice in election of commissioners to the parliament and concerning allowance to be given to the commissioners; with another act for allowance to the commissioners for 1648.

The report concerning the mint and [Patrick Ruthven], earl of Forth's forfeiture continued until the next meeting.

Act for two fairs to the town of Rutherglen.

Act for the stipend of the year 1659 of the kirk of Evandale to Mr Hugh Archibald.

Act ordaining [Gavin Dalzell], earl of Carnwath's losses to be recorded and recommended to his majesty.

Act in favour of [William Cochrane], lord Cochrane against [Anne Scott], countess of Buccleuch.

Act for a contribution to Linton bridge and for a custom to be gathered for seven years.

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[Decreet granted; act approved; continuation]

Decreet at the instance of [James Baillie], lord Forrester against [Lieutenant Colonel William] Osburne.

Act in favour of Mr John Bog, Doctor Wishart and Mr Andrew Collace.

Continues the parliament until 4 June.

  1. NAS. PA3/3, f.24v-25. Back