[Committee appointed; acts approved]

The estates of parliament appoint lords [Sir George MacKenzie of] Tarbat, [Sir James Foulis of] Colinton, [Sir Robert Murray of Cameron], provost of Edinburgh, and [John Bell of Hamilton Ferme], provost of Glasgow, to meet with General Major Morgan for clearing the accounts of the last six months' cess and any differences that may occur therein. And it is declared that if any shires or heritors shall be deficient in their punctual payment at the days appointed, they shall be liable to the double of their proportion and for what prejudice the country shall sustain through the non-timeous payment.

Act passed and voted concerning the redemption of infeftments granted by parents to their children.

Act rescissory of Sir Robert Spottiswood [of New Abbey's] forfeiture read, voted and approved.

Act in favour of Mr James Hamilton, minister at Cambusnethen, and Mr Samuel Walker.

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[Commission granted; protest over ratifications; acts approved]

Commission for judging some thieves in Stirling.

[William Douglas], duke of Hamilton protested that the ratifications granted in favour of the burghs of Glasgow and Linlithgow might be without prejudice of any right he can pretend to in the shires of Lanark and Linlithgow.

[Charles Gordon], earl of Aboyne protested in name of [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly that the ratification granted in favour of [William Forbes], laird of Monymusk should be without prejudice of any right the marquis of Huntly could pretend to as superior or otherwise.

Act concerning denunciations of excommunicated persons.

Act concerning stolen goods.

Act concerning the payment of feu duties of kirklands.

Act appointing the session to be judges of all controverted rights between the king and the subjects.

Act concerning the registration of comprisings.

Act dispensing with the breach of penal statutes.

Act concerning heritable and moveable bonds.

Act concerning the making of barrels and packing of salted fish.

Act discharging clandestine marriages.

Act discharging the quots of testaments.

Act rescinding MacDonald of Sanday's forfeiture.

Act rescinding MacDonald of Oronsay's forfeiture.

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[Commission granted; continuation]

Commission for burning some witches in Musselburgh etc.

The lord commissioner continues the parliament until tomorrow at 10 o'clock.

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