[James Guthrie's libel proven; petition remitted]

The rolls called.

Mr James Guthrie's libel found to be proven.

Petition and recommendation for [Preston of] Preston remitted to the committee for [Angus MacDonald, lord] MacDonnell's business.

  1. NAS. PA3/3, f.17v. Back
[Acts approved; precept granted]

Act rescinding the forfeiture of Hector MacLean of Kingairloch.

Act rescinding the forfeiture of Angus MacDonald of Glengarry, now Lord MacDonnell.

Act rescinding the forfeiture of Murdoch MacLean of Lochbuie.

Precept upon Mr John Wilkie for £300 sterling to Doctor Wishart out of the readiest of vacant stipends.

  1. NAS. PA3/3, f.17v. Back
[Report approved; marquis of Argyll's defences read]

Report of a business from the lords of articles between [Sir Alexander Gibson], laird of Durie and [William Douglas], duke of Hamilton concerning £3,000 sterling read, voted and approved.

[Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll being called to the bar, the charges against him and the defences made by him against the same were read and took up the whole day; the reading of the replies and rejoinders continued until tomorrow.

  1. NAS. PA3/3, f.17v. Back
[Dispensation granted; James Guthrie's libel proven and interlocutor read]

Dispensation to Anna Sinclair for choosing of her curators.

The process of Mr James Guthrie being advised, the lord commissioner and estates of parliament having considered the indictment, defences, replies and rejoinders read in open parliament, and also considered the former interlocutors with the accused's confession at the bar and extant through his whole defences anent his accession to the pamphlet entitled The Causes of God's Wrath, wherein one of the causes is mentioned to be the rejecting of the remonstrance. And having considered the said two pamphlets themselves, they find the libel sufficiently proven thereby in so far as relates to the first and second articles. And also having considered the petition, instructions and others done in that meeting specified in the third and fourth articles, and his judicial acknowledgement that he was at the meeting and a subscriber of the petition and writer of the instructions, they find those articles also proven. And having in the same manner considered the declinator containing the protestation with the other protestation both acknowledged by the accused and subscribed by his hand, the estates of parliament do find the fifth article thereby proven.

Thereafter [Sir John Fletcher], lord advocate, desired to know and hear read before the lord commissioner and estates of parliament the interlocutor in the probation; which, being read, his lord took instruments thereupon. And upon the finding of the charges relevant and probation aforesaid thereof protested that the pains contained in the acts of parliament might be inflicted on the accused.

  1. NAS. PA3/3, f.17v. Back