Decreet for Alexander Squire against David Muirhead

Anent a supplication presented to the estates of parliament by Alexander Squire in Auchenbowie mentioning that he, being active in his majesty's service against the public enemy, true it was that David Muirhead of Tickitsheuch did make the same known to the then governor of Stirling with whom the said David kept intelligence, whereupon he caused a party from Stirling hound the petitioner from place to place, banished his wife and old father and plundered his house, and also the said David Muirhead informing the garrison of Stirling that the petitioner sheltered the deceased Captain Wishart and others, was thereupon apprehended and imprisoned in Stirling Castle and transported to Holyroodhouse where he remained for a long time, by which great toil, hazard and sufferings the said David Muirhead occasioned the injury of the petitioner in above 3,000 merks; and therefore, craving that the said David Muirhead might be decreed to pay to the petitioner his cost, harm and damage as the supplication bears. And anent the warrant issued thereupon and summons given by a messenger at arms to the said David Muirhead personally apprehended, to have compeared before the commissioners for bills at a certain day bygone and answered to the said supplication and to have heard the desire thereof granted, which being called and both the said parties compearing via their procurators, and [James Livingstone], earl of Callander, [Sir Archibald Stirling], lord Garden and [Sir James Livingstone], laird of Kilsyth, or any two of them, being appointed to consider the relevancy and probation of the said complaint and to make their report thereupon who, by the depositions of the witnesses adduced in the said matter, found the said David Muirhead to be an informant and that he procured a party from the governor of Stirling for apprehending of the said Alexander Squire and his old father for sheltering of several persons who passed to join with the army in the hills, wherethrough he and his father were forced to flee from their house to their great prejudice and loss. And having given in their report together with their opinion thereupon to the estates of parliament wherewith they, being well and ripely advised, the king's majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, decrees and ordains the said David Muirhead to satisfy and pay to the said Alexander Squire the sum of £500 Scots money for reparation of his losses and damage sustained by him in manner above-written, and ordains letters etc.

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