Charter: ratification
Ratification for [marquis of Montrose] united parishes

Our sovereign lord, considering that in the year 1647, after hearing of the heritors of the united parishes of Logie-Montrose and Perth before the presbytery of Brechin, where the said united parishes lie and before the general assembly and committees thereof, it was found expedient and necessary that the parishes foresaid should remain united together in all time coming, and also in respect that the two churches of the said two united parishes were built upon the utmost parts and limits of the said parishes, so that the ministers and parishioners could not have such conveniency as was found necessary for going to either of the said parish churches being so far distant and so inconveniently built for the use of the parishioners; and therefore, with advice and consent of the minister and heritors of the said united parishes or most part of them, a new parish church should be built upon the most commodious place near the midst of the said two united parishes, as should be designed by them or most part of them, the which being represented to the estates of parliament then sitting, after due deliberation and consideration of the reasons foresaid as was found by the presbytery of Brechin and general assembly and committees thereof, they by their act of 12 March 1647 did ratify and approve the union of the said two parishes of Logie-Montrose and Perth, and ordained the same to remain as one conjunct cure in time coming, and also ordained the foresaid minister and heritors to convene, design and condescend upon a commodious place as near the midst of the said two united parishes as may be most commodious for serving the parishioners and inhabitants of the said united parishes, and ordained the new church to be built thereupon and, for this effect, the heritors according to their rents within the said parishes proportionally, to contribute thereto and to transport the stones and other materials of the two former old churches to that place to be designed for building of the new church in manner foresaid, which church to be built, as said is, is declared to be the only parish church of the said two united parishes in all time coming; and now considering that all the acts of parliament of these times are rescinded as being then not sufficiently authorised by royal authority and, in respect that for the reasons and causes above-mentioned, it being not only expedient but altogether necessary for the common benefit and conveniency of the said two united parishes that the said act be renewed, therefore, our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, do renew, ratify, approve and confirm the foresaid act of the tenor above-written, and declares the same to have the force and strength of an act of parliament, and to be valid and accordingly to have execution in all time coming.

  1. NAS. PA2/27, f.54v. Back
  2. Sic. Error in scribe's title. Act concerns the ratification of the union of the parishes of Logie-Montrose and Perth, or rather Persie, and not a matter concerning the marquis of Montrose. See earlier ratification on same day which may have led to confusion. Back
  3. Sic. Probably Persie. Back
  4. Sic. Probably Persie. Back