Act in favour of Barbara Gledstanes and her children

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, taking to consideration a supplication given in by Barbara Gledstanes, widow of the late Mr George Martin, for herself and in name and behalf of her children, bearing her said late husband to have been lawfully admitted to the third master's place of the old college of St Andrews, and thereby had right to the sum of 1,200 merks yearly as the salary belonging to the said charge in the which he served for the space of three years; likewise, thereafter, he was admitted to the second master's place of the said old college where (after he had served ten years) was for his loyalty compelled to desert his charge by the late usurper, and as second master he had likewise right to the salary of 1,200 merks yearly; likewise, for the last six of the said ten years he officiated as first master or provost, his right to the said first master's place being undoubtable, but his admission only interrupted by the said usurper and, albeit the said late Mr George did serve in the said college in manner foresaid, yet there was resting owing to him by the said college at his removal therefrom the sum of 1,200 merks yearly the said three years as third master; as also, the sum of 600 merks money yearly the years of God 1654, 1655 and 1656 of his salary as second master, in addition to what he should have had for officiating as provost or first master by the space of the said six years, which ought to be modified at the least to the sum of 300 merks yearly; as likewise, there was owing to the said Mr George five quarters of a year's diet, commonly reckoned to £46 quarterly, extending the said diet in the whole to the sum of £230, and which sums of money particularly above-written were never paid, neither to the said late Mr George Martin before his death and not since to his widow and children, as the said supplication more fully purports. Our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, have ordained and ordains the said Barbara Gledstanes and her children to be answered, obeyed and paid of what sums of money or salaries was resting owing unpaid to the said late Mr George Martin for his service in the said old college of St Andrews, and ordains letters and executorials of horning to be directed at the instance of the said Barbara Gledstanes or her said children against the factors, collectors or sub-collectors of the said old college rents, for making payment to her and her said children of what of the foresaid sums is resting unpaid, upon a simple charge of fifteen days if need be.

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