Act anent the commissioners' allowance for 1648

Forasmuch as [---] was in the year 1648 commissioner for the shire of [---] to the parliament of this kingdom, and accordingly did attend the same and carried himself faithfully therein in promoting of that just, necessary and honourable Engagement for relieving of his late royal majesty, of blessed memory, from his restraint and restoring him to the exercise of his royal government; therefore, the king's majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, do appoint him to have allowance of £5 Scots per day paid to him from the said shire for his charges in attending the said parliament, and that letters of horning if need be be directed hereupon against the heritors of the shire liable in payment of the said fee.

Extracts of this act appointed to be given to the commissioners etc.

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