Act for William Farquharson anent the town of Tullich

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, taking to their consideration that there is no burgh nor market town within the parishes of Braemar, Strathdee, Glengairn, Glenmuick, Aboyne, Glentanner, Strathdon, Strathdoune, Migvie, Tarland and Coldstone whereby the lieges are heavily prejudiced and put to great expenses in going to market towns at a far distance for buying of such necessary commodities as they stand in need of, and being informed that the town of Tullich lies in the middle part of the said parishes, and is a fit place for holding of markets and fairs therein, whereto all his majesty's subjects within these bounds may readily repair with ease to themselves; therefore, his majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, does allow to William Farquharson of Inverey, his heirs and successors and inhabitants of the said town of Tullich, to have a weekly market on Tuesday for selling and buying of fish, butcher-meat, oxen, sheep, cattle, wheat, meal, malt, bear and all other victual, cloth, linen and woollen, and other merchant goods, together with two free fairs yearly each of them for the space of four days, the one thereof upon the first Tuesday of May and the other upon the second Tuesday of September, yearly in all time coming, with full power to the said William Farquharson, his heirs and successors by themselves or such as they shall appoint, to collect, gather, intromit with and uplift the tolls, customs, casualties and all other dues of the said markets and fairs used and wont, conforming to the ancient customs in the like cases, and recommends to the lords of his majesty's exchequer to pass a signature thereupon in favour of the said William Farquharson and his foresaids, in due and competent form as appropriate.

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