Act rescinding [Angus MacDonald], lord MacDonnell's forfeiture

Forasmuch as the king's majesty finding that there was no law nor lawful authority for meeting of the pretended parliaments and committees of estates in the year 1649, and that the persons meeting therein did, without any lawful warrant and in contempt of his majesty's authority, usurp the power to themselves; has therefore, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, by their act of 9 February last, rescinded and annulled the said meetings, and all other deeds done by them or their warrant, and whereas those usurpers in a meeting of their pretended parliaments or committee of estates upon the [---] day of [---] 1649 did presume to pronounce and give out a decreet of forfeiture against Aeneas, now lord MacDonnell, therein designed [---] of Glengarry, for his joining in arms and having charge in these forces who, during these troubles, by commission from his majesty asserted his authority within this kingdom against those who upon specious but false pretences opposed the same, and for many other testimonies of his loyalty at that time by a constant opposition in arms to all who withstood his majesty's authority and, albeit the said pretended sentence is void and null in itself as given without any lawful authority and is accordingly declared against by the act of parliament above-mentioned, yet his majesty, being desirous to witness his sense of the loyalty of his good subjects and of their sufferings for the same, has thought fit hereby to declare that as the said pretended decreet of forfeiture and all that has followed thereon is void and null in itself and so was from the beginning, so it is and shall be free to the said Aeneas, lord MacDonnell to enter presently and without process of law to his estate and fortune, and all other privileges and immunities belonging to him, as if the said decreet of forfeiture had never been, anything contained therein to the contrary notwithstanding.

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