Procedure: the signet; treason; acts touched with the sceptre

The estates of parliament considering the necessity that summons be presently dispatched against such who are to be cited to the parliament do therefore, in regard of the present want of the use of the signet, appoint that it may be supplied by Mr William Sharp's marking of the summons with the date of the presenting of the same, which the said estates of parliament declares is and shall be sufficient in this case to supply the want of the signet.

The king's majesty and estates of parliament appoints and declares that all summons of treason may be directed and used upon twenty-one days, notwithstanding of any law, acts or custom to the contrary.

The lord commissioner's grace in presence of the parliament did, with his majesty's royal sceptre, touch the public acts formerly passed in this parliament, as a testimony of his majesty's royal assent thereto.

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