[Remit to the committee of estates for a grant of protection to the laird of Cambo]

Remit in favour of [Sir Patrick Myreton], laird of Cambo

At Perth, 31 March 1651. Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, having taken into their consideration a supplication given in to them by Sir Patrick Myreton of Cambo, showing that where the late Sir Thomas Myreton of Cambo, knight, his father, was ever from the first beginning of the troubles of this kingdom of Scotland employed in the public service, wherein he not only lost his life but also was necessitated to contract great sums for the use of the public, as is well known to the estates of parliament, through which the said supplicant, as his son and heir, was constrained for payment of those public bonds to convey a great part of his estate. And since the death of his said late father, he has paid the whole arrears of that regiment to which he was colonel, which the said supplicant is able to instruct by production of the public orders given to him for doing thereof and discharges upon receipt of the same. As likewise, about one year since or thereby, the said estates caused him pay the third part of the sum of 9,000 merks and annualrent thereof which his said late father, [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton and [Sir Robert Innes of] Innes, then privy councillors, did upon the estates' orders engage themselves for the relief of the Irish army, as their act given relating thereto of the date 21 June 1651 at more length bears, which sums of money and others paid by the said supplicant's late father and himself the said estates are obliged for repayment thereof back again to the said supplicant. And likewise the lights of the Isle of May being no benefit to him by the loss of trade and a great part of his estate engaged for that, and in respect of the troubles and great burdens lying on the said supplicant, more than the double of his rent being exhausted, which is the only means for defraying his debts, whereby he is altogether unable to pay the principal sums he is owing to his creditors, humbly therefore craving that his majesty and estates aforesaid may take the premises into consideration and witness their affection they have by granting him a general suspension, suspending generally all registered bonds, obligations, letters or executorials raised, used or to be raised, used and registered against the said supplicant at the instance of his said creditors for payment of any principal sums he is owing, the said supplicant paying yearly to them the annualrents thereof, for which he is content to give sufficient security; and likewise discharging all messengers of arms or other officers whatsoever from using any execution against him for payment of the said principal sums until it shall please God to put his majesty and estates aforesaid in that condition to refund the losses of the supplicant, and until it shall please God to remove these extraordinary troubles, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have remitted and remit the said supplication and desire of the supplicant therein contained to be taken into consideration by the committee of estates, with full power to them to decide and determine therein as fully in all respects as the parliament might have done themselves.

Extracted out of the records of parliament by me, Mr David Hay

12 June 1651

The committee, in regard of the reference of parliament and the supplicant's condition, do grant him protection against his principal sums, he paying his annualrent until Candlemas [2 February] next to come.

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