21 March 1651

[Act discharging officers and soldiers to exact money for quarters]

20 March 1651

Act discharging taking of money for quarters

At Perth, 20 March 1651. Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, now presently convened in this seventh session of this second triennial parliament, having taken into their consideration the present sad condition of the country, in respect of the many heavy burdens (though necessary) already laid on and still lying upon heritors, tenants and others whereby all the money in their hands may be exhausted, therefore it is enacted, statute and ordained that all officers of horse and foot have only real quarters according to the number and quality of the bodies of men and horse quartered, discharging hereby all officers or soldiers of horse or foot to uplift or exact any money in their quarters for the staff, dry quarters or allowed horses or any other reason upon whatsoever pretence, except only when they are commanded upon duty within the shire where they are quartered, with certification the officer, delinquent, shall be dismissed and the soldier, delinquent, shall pay the double to the party from whom the money is exacted. And in case any soldier shall be complained upon to any officer commanding him in that parish where the wrong is done, and the officer refuses or delays to cause him give satisfaction, that then the officer be dismissed by the committee of estates or council of war. And the same to continue only during the extraordinary burdens of the country and until the parliament or committee of estates declare their further pleasure relating thereto.

Extracted out of the records of parliament by me, Mr David Hay

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  2. APS entitles this 'Act discharging officers and soldiers to exact money in their quarters'. Back