25 December 1650

[Act in favour of Sir James Balfour concerning his production of a charter of King Robert the Bruce entailing the crown of Scotland to the Stewarts]

Act in favour of Sir James Balfour, lyon king of arms, anent the production of the great charter whereby the late King Robert the Bruce entailed the crown of Scotland (failing of his male heirs) to the race of the Stewarts, and discharging the said Sir James Balfour thereof

At Perth, 25 December 1650. Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, now presently convened in this sixth session of this second triennial parliament, considering that Sir James Balfour of Kinnaird, knight and baronet, his majesty's lyon king of arms, has this day exhibited, produced and delivered to the king's majesty in presence of the estates of parliament an old monument concerning the entailments of the crown of this kingdom by King Robert the Bruce to the race of the Stewarts, his majesty's ancient predecessors, of the date at Cambuskenneth, 15 July 1326, which the said lyon king of arms by his care and diligence did find out, he being abroad many years since, and has faithfully preserved the same until now. Therefore the king's majesty, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, exonerates, frees and discharges the said Sir James Balfour, his majesty's lyon king of arms, his heirs and successors and all others whom it may concern for now and for ever, and holds his care and diligence in finding out and preserving the same as good and faithful and acceptable service done to his majesty, his crown and his kingdom.

[John Campbell, earl of] Loudoun, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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