[Petition of Janet Robertson and others for reparation of the goods stolen from their husbands]

To the honourable and high court of parliament, the humble petition of Janet Robertson, spouse to John Scott, skipper of the bark called The Janet of Burntisland, Isobel Johnston, spouse to Alexander Kininmont, and Bessie Black, spouse to Robert Hay, servants in the said bark, for ourselves and in name and on behalf of our husbands and small children


That in the month of May last your petitioners' husbands, being going to Shetland from the harbour of Leith in the aforesaid bark, were chased on the way by a pirate whereof Robert Hall was captain, and were forced (being so hotly pursued) to run the said bark aground on Shetland, where the said Captain Hall did most cruelly enter (with his whole company) the said bark and most inhumanly did rob our said husbands of all that they had aboard in the said bark, and did not leave one of them so much as a suit of clothes to put upon them, as shall be made to appear to your lordships by written testimony from the magistrates and council of the burgh of Burntisland. And now seeing by the providence of God the said frigate is now brought in to the harbour of Leith and that many of the soldiers therein are wearing our said husbands' clothes (beside many other things which they brought in into the said ship, such as the tack and ensign of the said bark) it is your petitioners' humble desire that your lordships would either cause restore to us our said husbands' clothes with such other things as pertained to the said bark taken by them in manner aforesaid, or to ordain so much of the allowance given by your lordships for bringing in the said frigate to be [...] satisfaction thereof. And your lordships' answer.

4 June 1650

The estates of parliament remit this to be considered by Robert White [of Pourain], commissioner for Kirkcaldy.

5 June 1650

It is the humble opinion of Robert White that each of these three poor women, supplicants, whose husbands were robbed in manner above-specified, should have 40s sterling toward their loss to be paid to them out of the readiest of the excise of Burntisland or what other way the parliament shall think fit.

Robert White

Edinburgh, 21 June 1650

Read in parliament and approved, and grant precept upon George Jamieson for that effect, which shall be allowed in his accounts.

[Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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