[Act on favour of Sir David Home of Wedderburn concerning payment of public arrears]

Act in favour of the laird of Wedderburn

8 June 1650

At Edinburgh, 8 June 1650. The estates of parliament, having taken into their consideration a supplication given in by Sir David Home of Wedderburn, knight, bearing that he had disbursed some monies for maintenance of the Irish forces, which, with the annualrent thereof at March 1649, did extend to £2,640, as also that he had paid as his part of the 200,000 merks to Sir William Dick [of Braid] £1,333 6s 8d, with the annualrent thereof since Martinmas [11 November] 1647, extending both principal and annualrent to £1,417, and that the said two sums do extend in total to £4,110, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which, together with the opinion of the committee of bills to whom the same was referred, being taken into consideration, the said estates of parliament have ordained and ordain the said Sir David Home of Wedderburn to be paid of the said sum of £4,110 and that out of the forfeiture of [Archibald Napier], lord Napier's estate or any fine to be imposed upon him. And the said estates declare that this present order and warrant shall in no way prejudice [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton and Colonel Robert Montgomery, his son, of the sums of money due to them, but that notwithstanding hereof they and each of them shall be first satisfied and fully paid of the sums of money owing to them, according to their former assignments granted in their favour by the acts of the committee of estates. Extracted.

[Sir] A[rchibald] Johnston [of Wariston], clerk register

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