Act anent the continuation of the parliament

The estates of parliament, now presently convened in this fourth session of this second triennial parliament by virtue of the last act of the last session thereof of 7 August 1649, continue this present parliament and all summons and actions intended and under consideration with all other matters belonging to the said parliament to 15 May next to come, with continuation of days, at which day ordain the whole estates to be present and to attend at Edinburgh, or where it shall happen to be appointed to be held for the time; and in the meantime declare the said parliament to be current to the day aforesaid, and ordain the acts and statutes made and concluded in this session of parliament to stand and have the force and strength of acts of parliament according to the tenors thereof likewise as any acts and statutes of any preceding parliaments at any time bygone. Likewise they ordain the commissions and committees appointed by the last session of parliament to stand in full force and vigour to the said 15 May next to come, notwithstanding of this continuation, and appoint the committee of estates to consider what overtures may be represented to the next meeting of the parliament for settling and regulating the valuations of the shires and burghs of this kingdom, and withal to take into special consideration the best and speediest ways of prosecuting the enemies of this kingdom who have already invaded or shall invade the same.

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