Act in favour of John Murray of Broughton

The estates of parliament, having heard and considered a supplication given in to them by John Murray of Broughton, showing that whereas the public burdens of this kingdom concurring with his private debts have disabled him from payment of any annualrents these four or five years bygone, for which cause he is put to the king's horn, but finding in conscience he has no just cause to suspend them but is most willing to endeavour all means for their satisfaction, therefore humbly desiring the said estates of parliament that they would be pleased to grant him a protection that he be not troubled in his person in resorting to Edinburgh or where his affairs lies for the space of three months, to which he has procured his creditors' consent, as is herewith to be instructed under their hands, that the better he may be enabled to secure them, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have hereby given and granted and give and grant free liberty and personal protection to the said John Murray of Broughton to proceed safely to this burgh of Edinburgh or any other place or places where his lawful affairs do occasion him to be for the space of three months, discharging hereby all sheriffs, officers, stewarts, bailies of regalities, lords and their deputes, magistrates of towns, justice of peace, messengers of arms and all other judges whatsoever to trouble or molest, apprehend or incarcerate and arrest the said person by virtue of whatsoever letters of horning or caption raised or to be raised at the instance of the said creditors or any of them or any having right from them, and that notwithstanding thereof during the said space; and in case the said John Murray shall make any disposition or right of his lands, heritages, moveables, goods and gear defrauding his lawful creditors during the aforesaid space of three months, the same to be void and of no effect.

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