Acts against factors and others in the Low Countries who furnish arms and ammunition to malignants

The estates of parliament, taking into their consideration the great hurt and prejudice sustained by this kingdom through the malignant practices of disaffected persons beyond seas, who from time to time since these unhappy troubles have furnished and sent home arms, ammunition and warlike equipment to enable and encourage the malignant party in this kingdom, to the disturbance of the public peace. And being desirous to prevent all such ways and means whereby the hands of enemies may be strengthened and the troubles of the kingdom continued, do hereby therefore prohibit and discharge all persons whatsoever, especially the factors and Scottish merchants residing and trafficking at the staple port of Campvere in Zeeland, from buying, providing or sending into this kingdom and also from passing their word, credit, giving bill or bond or answering or advancing any sums of money for the payment of any arms, ammunition or warlike provision bought in the Low Countries or anywhere else for the account or use or by order of any known malignant or other enemies to the cause and covenant and peace of this kingdom, and from keeping intelligence and correspondence with them, their agents, servants or attorneys to that purpose directly or indirectly under the pains to be esteemed and proceeded against as enemies to religion, the king's majesty and the good and peace of this kingdom; and that over and above the confiscation of the said arms, ammunition and warlike provision where and wheresoever the same shall be found out and seized or of the true worth and value of the arms and others that shall be bought, furnished or provided after the intimation of this present act and ordinance to be made by Thomas Cunningham, agent for this kingdom and conservator for the privileges of the Scottish nation in the Low Countries, who is hereby authorised to intimate the same to the said factors and others of the Scottish nation at the staple port aforesaid. With full power to the said Thomas Cunningham, according to the trust reposed on him, to employ his utmost endeavours and diligence for enquiring after, hindering, imposing and punishing all such as shall be found to have transgressed or gone against the premises, for which he is to be answerable to this kingdom, and to give notice of such as may happen to escape his search and enquiry, that they may be punished according to their offence.

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