Act in favour of [Archibald Campbell], lord marquis of Argyll and Sir William Dick anent the excise of wine

The estates of parliament, taking into their consideration the desire of a supplication given in by Archibald, marquis of Argyll etc. and Sir William Dick of Braid, knight, to whom and their subtacksmen the excise principal and additional of the whole wine and strong waters to be imported or set in tack and assedation for the space of five years and five crops after 1 November 1651 and for a longer time during the non-payment of their public debts and annualrent rents thereof; in which tack it was then ordained by the said estates of parliament that the said excise principal and additional set to them should be yearly rouped. And in the same manner taking into their consideration a humble desire represented to the said estates of parliament by the said lord marquis of Argyll and Sir William Dick, showing that they humbly offer for the present service and maintenance of the garrison the furnishing of 1,000 bolls of meal between now and 31 August next to come, to be delivered by them at the ports of Leith, Bo'ness, Perth or Montrose to the commissary for the public and their deputes; and what cannot be delivered really in meal, they are content to furnish the same in sufficient wheat and white peas, reckoning six firlots of meal for each boll of wheat and white peas to be received from them, which offer made by them is offered for a grassum for the five year tack of the excise of wine set to them, to the effect that they may enter and possess the same for payment of the tack duty contained therein without rouping immediately after 1 November 1651 at the rate and terms of payment, and with such clauses and privileges for the better collecting of the said excise as was contained in the tack set by the estates of parliament to the said Sir William Dick upon 9 May 1648. Which supplication and offer aforesaid made by the said lord marquis and Sir William Dick being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have accepted and accept 1,000 bolls of meal by way of grassum for the said tack of excise principal and additional without conversion in other species, and ordain the same to be laid in at the burgh of Perth before 31 August next, and in respect thereof, discharging the rouping of the said excise of wine during the five years contained in their said tack; and discharge [Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston], clerk register, and his deputes to insert the clause anent the rouping of the wine during the years contained in the said tack, notwithstanding the same be expressly contained in the minute which is the ground of the said act and tack of excise granted to the said lord marquis and Sir William Dick by the said estates of parliament upon 16 March last, but ordain the said tack to be registered without the said clause.

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