Act in favour of John Steven

The estates of parliament, having heard and considered a supplication given in by John Steven, keeper of the keys of the parliament house and other houses belonging thereto, that where he has been attending these three years bygone upon the said service and has carefully night and day at all occasions attended the same, which has taken him fully from any other employment, through which he has nothing to live upon but what he shall receive from the said estates; and therefore he humbly desires that the said estates would be pleased to modify some certain sum to be paid to him by [Sir James Stewart of Kirkfield and Coltness], commissary-general, for his long and watchful attendance. Which being taken into consideration by the said estates, they have modified and modify the sum of £200 Scots to be paid to him for his service, and ordain the commissary-general forthwith to pay the same to him in respect of his present necessity and poverty.

  1. NAS. PA2/25, f.85r. Back