Procedure: remit to the general assembly
Remit of a query anent the marriage of minors

The estates of parliament, having taken into their consideration a query given in to them, showing that where a minor, without consent of his parents, made known to the minister or church officers of the congregation where he is married and without publishing his purpose of his marriage for three several Sabbath days in the congregation at the place of his most usual and constant abode and of the party with whom he is married, and without observing the other solemnities requisite in the solemnization of the marriage required by the directory for the public worship established both in the church of Scotland and England, but only the minor, in a clandestine way by a ring, marrying a party after the old English form and immediately thereafter in all time thereafter abstaining from sexual union [...]; if the minor marrying thus and desiring to be freed from his consent, if such a marriage be a lawfully perfected marriage; if the minor by his dissent, before sexual union, may not withdraw from his obligation, as the said query bears. Which being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have remitted and by this act remit the same to the consideration of the general assembly of the kirk of Scotland.

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