Act in favour of Mr Robert Barclay against Sir William Dick [of Braid]

The estates of parliament, now presently convened in this third session of the second triennial parliament, taking into their consideration a supplication given in to them by Mr Robert Barclay, provost of Irvine, in name of the said burgh, showing that whereas he as commissioner for the said burgh of Irvine for the time, having subscribed Sir William Dick's public bond of 200,000 merks, he is now charged to pay the said Sir William Dick the sum of 1,000 merks and annualrents thereof as the proportion of the said principal sum imposed by the act of division upon him as one of the subscribers of the said bond; and seeing he was urged to subscribe the said bond as commissioner for the said burgh and that the said burgh, in respect of the great burdens and by the oppression used there the last year and by quarterings and other public burdens, it is in no way able to relieve him of the said sum, the public being debtors to that poor burgh for their Dutch guilders and borrowed money above £20,000, over and above their losses by sea, which extend to £100,000. Reason and equity would therefore that the said Sir William be discharged to trouble him any further for the said sum and that he take him to the public for payment thereof, especially seeing the said estates of parliament have been pleased already to take course with the said Sir William for his satisfaction of the said sums due to him by the public, but nothing done as yet for the said poor distressed burgh. And therefore humbly desiring the said estates of parliament that they would be pleased to discharge the said Sir William Dick of all further troubling or charging the said supplicant for the said sum and to declare him to be free thereof, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have ordained and ordain the said Sir William Dick to see the said supplication, and in the meantime have discharged and discharge all execution at the said Sir William's instance against the said Mr Robert Barclay until both parties be heard before the parliament.

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