Act in favour of the burgh of Rutherglen

The estates of parliament now presently convened, having taken into their consideration a supplication given in to them by the burgh of Rutherglen, craving retention of the sum of £72 and £48 in the first end of their own maintenance for quartering some troopers in Colonel Montgomery's regiment, as the said supplication at more length bears, which being taken into consideration by the said estates of parliament, they have remitted and by this act remit to Sir James Stewart of Kirkfield [and Coltness], knight, commissary-general, to see the supplication instructed, which being sufficiently verified and instructed before him, the said estates of parliament ordain the aforesaid sums to be allowed to the said supplicants by the said commissary-general in the first end of their own maintenance in respect of the mean condition of the said burgh.

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