Declaration: in favour of the widow of Doctor Sharp
Declaration in favour of the widow of Doctor Sharp

The estates of parliament, taking into their consideration a supplication given in to them by the commission of the general assembly, making mention that where at the last session of parliament they were bold to represent to the said estates of parliament that their reverend brother Doctor Sharp, from his affection to the public cause and zeal of promoting the work of God and for advancing of the same, did lend his whole stock to the sum of 20,000 merks, which, with the bygone annualrents in 1647, extended to 24,000 merks, for payment whereof, precept was drawn upon the parliament of England; and that notwithstanding of the straits that his wife and children are likely to be reduced to, that they had as then received no part of the principal and very little of the annualrent of the aforesaid, and the favourable answer which the said estates of parliament then gave them put them in hope that neither that poor widow and her children nor they should have needed any more to supplicate the said estates of parliament in that particular; but finding that nothing is yet made effectual, they did again entreat the said estates of parliament that they would be pleased to take such course as may be indeed effectual for giving in to her present satisfaction of all the bygone annualrents and to provide a sure way for the said principal sum. The said estates of parliament declare that they will take course for payment of the said supplicant before the raising of this session of parliament, and that they will give her preference to any other particular that shall come in hereafter.

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