Warrant: modification payable to the laird of Gight and others
Modification to [George Gordon], laird of Gight, [Roger] Lindsay of Mains, [William] Maxwell of Mid Kelton and [John] Sturgeon of Torrorie

Forasmuch as Alexander [Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow, president of the committee appointed for trying the laird of Gight, Roger Lindsay of Mains, William Maxwell of Mid Kelton and John Sturgeon of Torrorie and some others contained in the commission granted relating thereto, having reported to the estates of parliament that George Gordon of Gight and the other three persons above-named had, by their oaths given in presence of the said committee, declared that they had no monies to maintain themselves in ward, and that in respect thereof the committee had modified the sum of 300 merks to the laird of Gight for maintenance of himself, his brother and servant, to the said Roger Lindsay the sum of 200 merks and to the said William Maxwell the sum of £100 for their maintenance in ward, which sums the committee ordained to be delivered to Thomas Gordon, agent in Edinburgh, for the laird of Gight's modification and to Alexander Maxwell, brother to Mr William Maxwell, advocate, for the other three persons above-named. Which report being taken into consideration by the estates of parliament, they allow the aforesaid modification and therefore by this act give precept and warrant to William Thomson, commissary depute, to make payment of the aforesaid sums and modification to the said Thomas Gordon for the laird of Gight and to the said Alexander Maxwell for the other three persons above-named, for the which this act shall be a sufficient warrant.

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