Act and proclamation for the returning of the officers to the army

The estates of parliament, now presently convened by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and three estates in 1641, considering that there are sundry colonels, captains, rutmasters, lieutenants, ensigns and other officers who are not as yet gone up to the army at the south, and that there are others who are come home upon a leave of absence and do not timeously return, so that by their absence the army is impeded in their march, to the great prejudice of the common cause, religion and good of the country; therefore the said estates of parliament command and charge all officers aforesaid to proceed to the army in the south between now and 20 June instant without delay (except such as are members of the parliament, who are to stay until they receive orders). With certification to those who fail, their places shall be disposed upon in favour of others and they punished as neglecters of the common orders and enemies to the public. And ordain the same to be presently published at the market cross of Edinburgh by a herald with sound of trumpet.

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