Act in favour of [Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe

Forasmuch as the estates of parliament, now presently convened by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and three estates in 1641, having taken into their consideration the desire of Robert, earl of Roxburghe craving a warrant and recommendation from them to [John Maitland], lord Maitland and other commissioners residing at the parliament of England, to proceed in the name of the parliament of Scotland with the parliament of England, or their commissioners for examinations or sequestrations, for warrant from the parliament of England or their commissioners aforesaid in favour of the earl of Roxburghe, that the plate and other goods pertaining to the said earl of Roxburghe and [Jean Drummond], his late lady, which are put in the hands of the said Lord Maitland may be delivered and disposed upon for the use of the said earl to any that shall have order and warrant from him for that effect. The said estates of parliament find the aforesaid desire just and reasonable, and ordain a warrant and letter of recommendation to be written and directed in name of the said estates to the said Lord Maitland and other commissioners aforesaid, in favour of the said earl of Roxburghe to the effect before desired, and ordain the same to be subscribed by John [Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, president of the parliament, in name of the whole estates thereof.

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