Committee Members: committee concerning the army in Ireland
Committee concerning the army in Ireland

The estates nominate [Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll, the earls [William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis, [William Kerr, earl of] Lothian and [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark, the lords [John Sinclair, lord] Sinclair and [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh for the noblemen, the lairds [David Beaton of] Creich, [Sir John Shaw of] Greenock, [Sir William Forbes of] Craigievar, [Sir Robert Grierson of] Lag, [Mr William Cochrane of] Cowdoun, [Sir John Veitch of] Dawyck and [Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw], sheriff of Galloway, for the barons, Sir John Smith [of Grotehill], the commissioners [James Bell for] Glasgow, [George Jamieson for] Cupar, [Robert Beattie for] Montrose, [Allan Dunlop for] Irvine and [George Gardyne for] Burntisland for the burghs (or any seven of them, there being two of every estate) as a committee to consider what may concern the army in Ireland.

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