Committee Members: committee for borrowing of money
Committee for borrowing of money

The estates nominate the earls [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis and [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark, the lords [John Hay, lord] Yester, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh and [John Hamilton, lord] Bargany for the noblemen, [Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston], justice clerk, the lairds [Sir Patrick Hamilton of] Little Preston, [Sir Charles Erskine of Alva, Bandeath and] Cambuskenneth, [Sir John Aytoun of] Aytoun, [James MacDowall of] Garthland and [Sir Michael Balfour of] Denmilne for the barons, the commissioners [Thomas Haliburton for] Dundee, [James Bell for] Glasgow, [John Osborne for] Ayr, [Mr Robert Cunningham for] Kinghorn, Archibald Sydserf and Robert Fleming for the burghs, and appoint any seven of them to be a quorum, there being two of every estate, and [John Campbell, earl of Loudoun], lord chancellor, and [John Maitland, earl of Lauderdale], president of the parliament, to be supernumerary, to be upon the committee for borrowing of monies for the use of the public, to whom or quorum aforesaid the estates grant that same power and warrant in all respects and in the same manner as was granted to the committee of the convention of estates anent the borrowing of money for the use of the public; and also grant power to this committee or their quorum aforesaid to give order for uplifting and intromitting with the malignants' rents for the use of the public, and ordain the lord chancellor and the lord president to be supernumerary in the commission as said is.

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