Committee Members: committee for the levy
Committee for the levy

The estates grant commission to [Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll, [William Kerr], earl of Lothian, the lords [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh or [John Sinclair, lord] Sinclair and [Thomas MacLellan, lord] Kirkcudbright for the noblemen, the lairds [James Crichton of] Ruthven or [Sir William Scott of] Harden, [James MacDowall of] Garthland, [Sir Andrew Agnew of] Lochnaw and [Sir Archibald Johnston of] Wariston for the barons, the commissioners [Sir John Smith of Grotehill and Robert Meiklejohn for] Edinburgh, [Thomas Bruce of Weltoun for] Stirling, [John Osborne for] Ayr and [George Jamieson for] Cupar for the burghs (or any eight of them) to treat upon such articles as shall be thought to contribute for the good of the levy under the charge and command of [James Livingstone], earl of Callander and for his commission, and adjoin [William Keith], earl Marischal to this committee, and appoint the diet of meeting to be presently, and ordain them to consider and report to the parliament.

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