Committee Members: committee for the witnesses in the process against Lord Banff
Committee anent [George Ogilvy], lord Banff

The estates nominate [Alexander Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow and [Alexander Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone for the noblemen, the lairds [Sir David Murray of] Stanhope and [Mr Francis Hay of] Balhousie for the barons, John Semple [of Stainflett] and Mr Alexander Douglas [of Downies] for the burghs, to whom (or any three of them, there being one of every estate) the estates grant power and commission to examine those cited as witnesses in the process against the Lord Banff upon such interrogators as the procurators of estate shall give in and to discuss objections against the witnesses and to report to the parliament. Ordain this committee to meet tomorrow at 7 o'clock in the Over-Exchequer House and ordain a macer to advertise the Lord Banff and witnesses to attend the said committee at this time.

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